Illuminated Entrance - Wall Hanging - LIGHTED Glass Door Knobs

Jack Riley Lighting and Metal Works

$ 575.00

LIGHTED glass crystal door knobs- Illuminated Entrance - Wall hanging with repurposed upcycled antique doorknobs -by Jack Riley Lighting and Metalworks -  Custom order/price

Illuminated Entrance - stunning vintage piece of decorative lighting - it exudes warmth and welcome to all. 

Beautiful to display in a front foyer to warmly welcome guests, equally beautiful in a hallway or anywhere you want to create a warm glowing light.

A one of a kind piece for your wall made of time-worn antique crystal doorknobs that are LIGHTED, with CORDLESS option.

In addition to lighted crystal glass doorknobs, we have a wide variety of authentic antique porcelain, metal doorknobs - also many backplates to choose from. Have fun! Create your own design from our extensive selection!

Made in a horizontal orientation, also available in a vertical orientation, as a remarkable wall hanging - create a hall-tree effect by hanging above a front hall table or bench.

Unique and distinctive, this would make an outstanding gift for a wedding or housewarming or "just because".

All doorknobs are antique, reclaimed and repurposed and upcycled. With cordless option,   unsightly cords can be removed; these wall-mount pieces can operate for a time with periodic recharging. LED-based low-voltage lighting is dimmable for evening or night light usage.

No two are alike – all are comprised of authentic artifacts - based on your selections.

These pieces range from a small panel with 3 knobs up to a large panel with a total of 7-9 knobs.
This particular piece hangs about 16" tall and 29" across,  It has 3 crystal doorknobs, each one is lit, as well as 4 other vintage doorknobs. We used a rustic barnwood backing, although other choices are available. In addition to our crystal doorknobs, we have other types of doorknobs available - metal, wood or porcelain (black, white and brown-swirl).

 Price shown is an estimate - varies according to your selections - overall size, number and type of doorknobs, etc. 

Custom-ordered pieces like this are available.  A few ready-made pieces are also prepared and ready to ship.

Shipping shown is also estimated (on the high side) - I will reimburse overpaid shipping costs greater than $3.00 upon request.

Please be advised that Jack Riley Lighting and Metal Works' products are protected by intellectual property laws, including copyright.


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