Floral Arrangements Made With Antique Crystal Doorknobs - Many Sizes

Jack Riley Lighting and Metal Works

$ 180.00

Beautiful ambiance lighting, artistic floral sprays of light for your home. 

These pieces are crowd favorites at art shows - from the smaller single or double stems, up to the larger arrangements. Some even have rare metal doorknobs alongside the illuminated crystal doorknobs.

Use Pull-Down Menu to select your desired piece.

Each piece has a base made from repurposed cast iron pieces from old-school architectural elements - such as candlesticks or fences - or even other antique elements.  As with all our pieces, the doorknobs are all authentic antiques.  Of course, when they are illuminated, every crystal doorknob is unique. Some pieces feature a mixture of crystal doorknobs with even-older metal doorknobs from the mid-1800's.  

The pieces are unique; each made with different types of leaves, different colors and different doorknobs.  

Simply purchase a piece of the size you'd like and we'll work with you to select exactly which piece you prefer from our on-hand stock...once you approve we'll ship it right out. And if you want something different or extra special, we can make up a custom piece to meet your specific wishes.

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