"By-The-Stem" Floral Arrangements - Antique Crystal Doorknobs - 1, 2, 3 or 4 Stems

Jack Riley Lighting and Metal Works

$ 245.00

Now available "By-The-Stem” 

These pieces are crowd favorites at art shows - from the smaller single or double stems, up to the larger three and four stem arrangements.

They are priced based on the number or stems/flowers.  

Each one has a base made from repurposed cast iron pieces from old-school fences.  Like all our pieces, the doorknobs are all authentic antiques.  Of course, when they are illuminated, every doorknob is unique.

The pieces are made with different types of leaves, different colors and different stem-lengths.  

Simply purchase a piece with the number of "stems" you'd like -  We'll work with you to select exactly which piece you prefer from our on-hand stock.

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